We prefer to give you an instant hand! We like to meet the people who visit us. Welcome! What can we do for you? How can we assist in personal development of hospitality? In what way can we empower each other? What are you looking for?

Qstaff welcomes you!

The team Qstaff is aimed to develop people in hospitality. Indeed, this may mean teaching basic skills to work in hotel and catering industry. In addition, it also means helping people in organization to be more welcoming to each other or customers and clients. A combination of behavior, knowledge and skills.
qstaff-knoopFor more information about what we do, please refer to the programs. When it comes to the development of people in the hospitality industry we refer you to these programs. To learn more about our organization? The chapter organization shows the background.

Also, we have a clear vision on continuous learning. How does this vision work for your organization? When can we speak about it? We are happy to visit without any obligation to meet and learn.